ES Server-009

ES Server-009

DDoS Protected Server

$164.99 / mo

ES Server-009 Hardware

Processor: Intel Xeon D-1520
Cores/Threads: 4c/8t
Freq: 2.4GHz
HDD: SoftRaid 2x2TB SATA
SoftRaid 3x2TB SATA
HardRaid 3x2TB SATA
SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD
HardRaid 4x800GB SSD FastPath
Hybrid SoftRaid 2x2TB SATA + 2x480GB SSD
Hybrid HardRaid 2x2TB SATA + 2x480GB SSD
HardRaid+ 3x600GB SAS 15K CacheCade 80GB SSD
Uplink: 250Mbps
Port: 1Gbps
Bandwidth: Unlimited
IPv4: 1 Included (Free)
IPv6: /64 (Free)

Operating Systems

  • CentOS 5 32/64 bit
  • CentOS 6 32/64 bit
  • CentOS 7 64 bit
  • Debian 6 32/64 bit
  • Debian 7 32/64 bit
  • Debian 8 32/64 bit
  • Fedora 26 64bit
  • Fedora 27 64bit
  • Ubuntu 14
  • Ubuntu 16
  • Citrix XenServer 6.5
  • Windows

ES Server-009 Network

Connection: 250Mbps
Port: 1Gbps
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Anti-DDoS: Included
IPv4: 1 (Up to 256)
IPv6: /64

ES Server-009 Management

Unique Dedicated Servers Management Panel
Bandwidth graphs:
Reverse DNS Management:
Remote server reboot:
Rescue system:
Free unlimited os reinstallation:
Secondary DNS:
24/7 Real Time monitoring:
1-Click OS Install:

ES Server-009 Additional Features

1 Additional IPv4: $4.00 /month
4 Additionals IPv4: $16.00 /month
8 Additionals IPv4: $32.00 /month
16 Additionals IPv4: $64.00 /month
24 Additionals IPv4: $96.00 /month
32 Additionals IPv4: $128.00 /month
48 Additionals IPv4: $192.00 /month
64 Additionals IPv4: $256.00 /month
128 Additionals IPv4: $512.00 /month
256 Additionals IPv4: $1024.00 /month
cPanel/WHM Control Panel $31.44 /month
DirectAdmin Control Panel $17.99 /month
500 GB Additional Backup Space $19.00 /month
1 TB Additional Backup Space $28.00 /month
5 TB Additional Backup Space $65.00 /month
10 TB Additional Backup Space $90.00 /month

ES Server-009 Support and SLA

Service Level Agreement

All products come with an SLA and the resulting availability guarantee as defined in the product description. The percentage defines an effective approximate availability provided by the given product platform to inform every customer of the reliability to be expected from the service in question. Account credit will be issued as hourly price percentage of the product affected by the outage.

Our uptime guarantee is provided on a best effort basis. Customers will receive account credit should service availability fall below the given guarantee.

Type Penality per hour Maximal penalty
Network Availability 99% - -
Support Level 1 Intervention (I): 1 hour Repair (R): (I) + 1 hour
Support Level 2 Intervention (I): 2 hours Repair (R): -
Incidents Level 1 5% 50%
Network 5% 50%

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