Anti-Spam Filter

We have a fully automated realtime Anti-Spam protection.

In order to protect our network and reputation, our Anti-Spam system may automatically block the outgoing mails of your server at the network level.

If your Outgoing mail has been blocked for the first time, in your server manager, under "Manage IPs" -> "Actions" a "Unblock Spam" option will appear.
You can Unblock each blocked IP.
No further action is required.

If our Anti-Spam system block your Outgoing mail again, Unblock option will be automatically disabled and you will need to contact our support for more information.
We will enable the outgoing mails only when we receive a verification, regarding that SPAM has been stopped, or if you have security issues, they has been fixed.
Once we receive such a verification your Outgoing mail will be unblocked. Otherwise it will remain blocked.
Furthermore if we unblock your Outgoing mail and you server continue hitting our Anti-Spam system, we receive the rights to add permanent block to your outgoing mail, or to suspended your server without any notice.

Mail Sending Tips:*
Sending Volume:
If you send offers or newsletters to your customers we advice you to low the volume of emails.
Blacklist check:
We advice you to keep your server IPs clean from blacklist filters.
- Avoid using common spammer keywords in your emails such as "order now", "buy" "urgent" "hurry", "last chance", "best price", etc, and also avoid capital letters.
- Provide an unsubscribe link.

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